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Holistic Succession in Family Business
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Spirituality in Family Business
The Challenges Facing Family-Run Businesses by John Davis
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Long standing and successful Family Businesses in India have been mostly sustained by unwritten family traditions and values, unlike in the West where the Family Business evolved and matured over a period with well laid out systemic approach to family businesses.
The research on Indian family businesses has offered a lot of insight about the business-related aspects of successful and long standing Indian family businesses but very little about the family dynamics and their mutual interplay. Therefore, there is great scope for in-depth study on the family element, family governance and more particularly the role of the culture of unwritten principles, processes and shared values in Indian Family businesses.
PFBI’s research efforts aim to adopt and adapt “Western Concepts” on the dynamics and behavior of family owned businesses in Indian environment and for the development of indigenous and appropriate frameworks that are relevant to the Indian diaspora.

Key focus areas include:
  • Role of Culture in the Indian Family Firms
  • Case Studies on Indian Family Firms
  • Reach out to Indian Family Firms through content translation into vernacular languages