Accredited Family Business Practitioner

Programme Objective:
This curriculum is designed to create master certified professionals who are credible, trusted and demonstrate strong values and skills as they work with family businesses in transition and development.

Who can be a Family Business Practitioner?
  • Professionals/Individuals who have been associated with Family Businesses (Recommended by at least two Family Owned Businesses)
  • Non-Family Executives working in a Family Business
  • Family members belonging to a Family Business that has gone through/initiated/or proposing to go through relevant development. Expect them to be internal change agents when their family matures in the development process.
  • Individuals who are active in Entrepreneurial Development
  • Individuals who have deep experience in change management and organizational transformation

Academic Partners

Selection Criteria:

It is a slow evolving, intensive & customized selection process with a high degree of mutuality. The criteria for selection will be based on the below mentioned.

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Strong values of trustworthiness and confidentiality
  • Demonstration of high standards
  • Versatility in interests and engagement
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Life experiences & learning’s of individuals

Learning Methodology & Certification Process:

Programme Calendar:

Programme Calendar:

Co-Certification by:

Commitment with PFBI:

All certified Family Business Practitioners (FBPs) who successfully complete this programme will consent to a 3 year exclusive engagement with PFBI.

This engagement may cover all or some of these areas:

  • Research and Case Writing on Indian Family Business
  • Facilitate Awareness/Training Programmes.
  • Contribute in Panel Discussions/Events on Family Business.
  • Awareness/Intervention Programmes with Family Owned Businesses.

* Disclaimer: Course syllabus is subject to change based on market needs.