Awareness Programme

PFBI offers a range of Learning Programmes for members of entrepreneurial families. The Institute is committed to create an empowered community of family business owners in the micro, medium & small enterprise segments.

Awareness Programme on Family Business Governance

PFBI's awareness programme for members of family owned firms exposes the participants to the diverse and complex dynamics involved in managing and sustaining family owned enterprises through interactive sessions enriched with research insights and practical case study discussions relevant to Indian entrepreneurial families.

Building Prosperity and Resilience of Entrepreneurial Families

This programme empowers members of entrepreneurial families with insights and application- oriented tools to identify and mitigate the various forms of risks/ vulnerabilities and prepare for a prosperous and resilient future.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for family members in a multi-generational family business (2 generations & beyond) who are current or future board directors and leaders of their family enterprise.

Especially valuable for

Members seeking to build effective communication and decision-making processes within the family, ownership & business Family owners who are in the process of establishing a functioning family governance practices Family members who are either new to their role in the business/ownership or looking for fresh ideas to further their development Family members considering to join the family business or preparing for their future role

We welcome groups of up to six attendees per family to participate in the program. In order to ensure that all attendees gain maximum benefit from the program, attendance is restricted to 60 attendees.

What makes PFBI's Learning Experience Unique?

Exposure to world class learning content

Pool of experienced facultys

Blended learning design for an integrated, holistic learning experience

Latest Research Insights in the Indian context along with Practitioner Perspectives

Conferences & Knowledge exchange forums for ongoing application of learning

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