Awareness Programme on Family Business Governance

  • Why do some family run enterprises continue to thrive and grow beyond multiple generations while some easily perish or disintegrate within 2-3 generations?
  • How do entrepreneurial families prepare for and manage generational transitions without losing sight of creating shareholder value and family wealth?
  • What does it take for a small family run business to develop and grow into a resilient family enterprise spanning across generations?

There are multiple dimensions to a family run business that need to be anticipated and addressed by the family for the family’s enduring success.

The 3-hour interactive programme is designed to raise awareness about the complexities and challenges that are unique to family businesses. It will enable family business owners and managers to reflect upon distinct, hidden strengths and anticipate risks of their family businesses for sustainable growth, resilience and creation of value across generations.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for family members in a multi-generational family business (2 generations & beyond) who are current or future board directors and leaders of their family enterprise.

Especially valuable for:

  • Members seeking to build effective communication and decision-making processes within the family, ownership & business
  • Family owners who are in the process of establishing a functioning family governance practices
  • Family members who are either new to their role in the business/ownership or looking for fresh ideas to further their development
  • Family members considering to join the family business or preparing for their future role

We welcome groups of up to six attendees per family to participate in the program. In order to ensure that all attendees gain maximum benefit from the program, attendance is restricted to 60 attendees.

What makes PFBI's Learning Experience Unique?

  • Exposure to world class learning content
  • Pool of experienced facultys
  • Blended learning design for an integrated, holistic learning experience
  • Latest Research Insights in the Indian context along with Practitioner Perspectives
  • Conferences & Knowledge exchange forums for ongoing application of learning

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