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February 2023

Family Philanthropy

The central purpose of a focused family philanthropic fund/initiative is to reinforce the family’s values...

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January 2023

Can Equality Always Mean “Fairness”? - A Family Business Perspective

The question of what is fair has perplexed many family business owners, and their search for fairness...

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December 2022

Resilience In Next Generation (Part II)

For NxG members who are raised in a wealthy entrepreneurial family, the benchmark for success...

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November 2022

Resilience In Next Generation (Part I)

Developing the Next Generation (NxG) members into competent and empowered “leaders of tomorrow”...

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October 2022

Important Documents For Family Owned Enterprises

Essential documents that help families define, structure and sustain success across generations...

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September 2022

Social Media For Business Families

Active participation in social media can serve as a powerful tool to build personal brand for leaders...

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August 2022

Beretta Five Hundred Years Old Family Business

Beretta is an Italian firearm manufacturer that was founded by Bartolomeo Beretta in the 16th century...

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July 2022

The Three Pitfalls of "Chain of Command" Violation

This case study is based on a real family business. However, the name and major details...

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June 2022

The Heart Of Enriching Relationships: Communication Skills

Good communication doesn’t eliminate conflict, but it does help you manage..

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May 2022

The "Learning Family Model" For Multigenerational Family Firms

As the business family and the business simultaneously grow and mature, the family enterprise is constantly..

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April 2022

Family Business Policies

Businesses create policies to ensure consistency, fairness and consistency in decision-making..

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March 2022

Understanding Entitlement In Family Business

In family run companies, "Entitlement" often refers to a sense of being "owed" such benefits..

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February 2022

Transforming From A Family Business To A Business Family: De Agostini Group

A large Italian firm, De Agostini Group evolved successfully from its traditional cartography..

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January 2022

ABCDs Of The Family Business Board (FBB)

Governance in the "Business" includes all the practices, processes and policies..

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December 2021

Family Council In Family Business

A Family Council is an important decision-making forum that helps enterprising families..

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November 2021

Family Governance In Enterprising Families The Role Of Family Assemblies & Retreats

Successful, multi-generational family businesses are known to pay considerable attention..

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October 2021


In a letter dated 1927, Aram Zildjian (Aram), from Constantinople, wrote to his nephew Avedis III..

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September 2021

Carvajal Family Business – One Of The 100-Year-Old Successful Family Companies In The World

Carvajal, one of the oldest family business from Columbia, is 115 years old..

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August 2021

The Genogram - A Tool To Understand Family Relationships

Harmonious, cohesive family relationships result in "familiness" or unique "family capital"...

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July 2021

The Nature Of Family Ties In Family Business

Family structure determines the ways in which family members interact and relate to one another. ...

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June 2021

Houshi Ryokan – One of the World’s Oldest Family Run Hotels

The Houshi Ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) can trace its history back to an astonishing period of 1,300 years...

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May 2021

Governance in Family Business

Managing family business involves managing both - the family and the business. The CEO of a non-family business has to manage sales...

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April 2021

Navigating Ownership in Family Business

When decisions in family business revolve around financing the business and the "family capital" as investments, it raises...

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March 2021

Transformative Power of Women - A differentiator for Family Business

Women have traditionally played a somewhat 'invisible' role in their family businesses, working behind the scenes in administrative duties...

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February 2021

Professionalization of Family Business

When we hear about "professionalization" of the Family Business, does it mean "changing from family management of a business...

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January 2021

Stewardship for Long Lasting Family Firms

Families that have been successful in maintaining their legacy and wealth over time, have done so by instilling a sense of stewardship...

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December 2020

Strategic Resources of High Performing Family Enterprises

There are multiple studies and findings which demonstrate that family firms enjoy better competitive advantage...

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November 2020

Why Perpetuity of Family Business Matters?

A majoriy of domestic companies in India -big or small- are run or controlled by a family, Family-run enterprises play a significant role...

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