Entrepreneurial families face a unique and complex journey due to the interplay of three important dynamics - the family (a group of individuals connected through bloodline & emotional ties), who own (ownership) and operate (management) the business.

Members of emerging & growing business families who are committed to scale up their business and want to ensure its continuity beyond multiple generations will acquire a fundamental understanding, gain practical insights/perspectives, develop diagnosis & self-reflection skills, and many other learning benefits offered by PFBI's education programs.

Given that the business environment is very dynamic and so are the various social and cultural changes, the concepts are ever evolving. Families in business can gain the latest updates and insights in their continuous learning journey with PFBI by drawing upon the experience and expertise of family business leaders, practitioners and scholars.

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Explore the learnings and wisdom shared by world-class experts in programmes and symposiums organized by PFBI, till date. The aim is to re-invigorate family businesses and their patrons to benefit from knowledge shared by global experts from multiple domains related to family business.

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